Starting at Pre-School

Starting at Pre-school can be daunting for some children, who may feel the anxiety of separation from their parents. Staff will help to make the settling in process as smooth as possible and they will guide you through the process. If your child is having difficulties settling then please do speak to us about things we can put in place to help, and feel free to stay for as long as is needed.

Each child is assigned a key person for the duration of their time with us, who parents are free to talk to at any time. We do also hold parent consultations once a year, where we can show you your child’s learning journal and discuss their progress or any concerns you may have.

Settling In

Post Covid – During these times we will be using a variety of ways to support parents and children to explore our setting before joining, – You can request a tour of the building and we will give you an appointed time slot and we ask that you wash hands on arrival and whilst on the premises parents to wear a mask during your time in the setting.  You will be shown around the setting mindful of keeping your distance during this interaction.

First day – We ask that only one parent/carer stays to fill in the appropriate paperwork and get to know your child’s key person, we anticipate this to be an hour.  We will then ask you to say goodbye to your child and let them know you will be back in a little while. We also ask that you bring a bag (not carrier bags) with a sufficient amount of clothes, nappies, wipes etc.. staff will request top ups when needed. On the second day we ask you to leave them at the door, but if requested by key person, maybe stay outside for a few minutes to see how your child responds.

Correspondence / Communication – You will still be able to communicate with your key person or management via e-mail, telephone, or at a safe distance in the car park.


Pre-Covid – Firstly you will be given a TOUR OF THE PREMISES so you and your child will be familiar with the school. When a child starts to attend, we explain the process of settling-in with his/her parents and jointly decide on the best way to help the child to settle into the setting.

We have an expectation that the parent, carer or close relative, will stay for the first 6 sessions, gradually taking time away from their child, increasing this as and when the child is able to cope. We judge a child to be settled when they have formed a relationship with their key person; for example the child looks for the key person when he/she arrives, goes to them for comfort, and seems pleased to be with them. The child is also familiar with where things are and is pleased to see other children and participate in activities.

When parents leave, we ask them to say goodbye to their child and explain that they will be coming back, and when.

Taken from the Role of the Key Person and Settling Policy, please see Policy for more information

Session times

Pre-Covid                                                                      Post Covid – Rainbow Room                       Post Covid-Flower Room

Morning drop off: From 8.30am                                           From 8.30am                                                         From 8.45am

Morning Session: 8.30am – 11.30am                                 8.30am – 11.30am                                                        8.45am

Lunchtime: 11.30 -12.30pm                                                  11.30am-12.30pm                                                  11.45am-12.30pm

Afternoon drop off: from 12.30pm                                          12.30pm                                                             From 12.30pm

Afternoon Session: 12.30pm – 3.30pm                            12.30pm – 3.30pm                                                       12.30pm

Pick up: 3.30pm                                                                              3.30pm                                                                     3.15pm

Departure and arrival of children

Arrivals and departures can be busy times and parents must take responsibility for their child and any siblings that may be with them until their child is settled and they leave the building.

Dropping off

Post Covid – The Rainbow Room door will open at 8.30am and 12.30pm for drop off. Flower room will open at 8.45am and 12.30pm for drop off. Please use the bell to alert staff if you arrive when the door is shut.

Pre-Covid – The front door is opened at 08.30 and 12.30 when you and your child will be welcomed into the setting. Please stay until your child is settled. Members of staff will be on hand to support your child, so let one of them know when you are ready to leave. If your child is very anxious, your child’s key person will help you develop a separation plan.

Please use the bell to alert staff if you arrive when the door is shut.


Please endeavor to collect your child/children on time. The doors remain locked during the session and are unlocked and monitored during collection times.

Please ring the bell to gain access at other times.

It is essential you telephone pre-school to let us know if you are delayed. If we have not heard from you within 15 minutes of the collection time we will endeavor to contact you using the telephone numbers supplied on your Registration Forms.

We only hand children over to a parent or to a person authorised by a parent. We must therefore have written confirmation if parents have arranged for someone else to collect their child. Please speak to a member of staff if you need to add someone to you authorised collector list. If the collecting adult is not known to pre-school staff, they will be asked for the child’s password.

In emergencies (for instance, if the parent is delayed) We will release a child if we have had confirmation by telephone. In this instance passwords may be used.

What should your child bring?

We have listed a few items that your child should bring to pre-school on the first day. You can send these in a named bag which we can keep in pre-school (no drawstring bags or carrier bags please).

Spare clothes/nappies

Children will need to bring in a bag with spare clothes in case of ‘accidents’ or if they become wet or dirty. This bag can be left in pre-school. If your child is still in nappies, please remember to bring in spares.

Wellington boots and coats

We aim to go out every day, weather permitting. To ensure that this is an enjoyable experience for your child, please provide them with a warm waterproof coat and hat and gloves for when it gets cold. Wellies can be brought if the weather is wet however we do not have space to store wellingtons left at pre-school.

Name labels

We would be grateful if you could put your child’s name in their clothing, especially their coat and wellington boots. We have a lost property box in the pre-school.

Sun Cream and Sun Hats

We tend to stay outside for longer on sunny days. Please ensure that on warmer days your child is wearing sun cream on arrival and has a suitable hat to wear. We will request permission to reapply sun cream for children staying for the full day.


We celebrate children’s birthdays at pre-school. If you wish to bring in a treat for your child’s birthday please check with staff before hand as some of the children have allergies to certain foods.

Toys and comfort items

Personal toys from home are not advised for use during the sessions. This can cause upset for them and to other children. If your child needs to bring something to help him/her to settle, then please talk to your child’s Key Person.

Buggies and Scooters

Unfortunately we do not have the space to accommodate buggies and scooters during the sessions as we use the entire hall. Please ensure you are able to take these home with you.