Summer Newsletter

Shernhall Pre-School Summer Newsletter 2016

We hope you all had a relaxing Easter break and are ready for our final term of this academic year. I know summer may seem a little way off yet there are few things that parents need to be aware of as the weather improves.


You will be receiving your final invoice for the year in the next few weeks. March is the end of our financial year and all invoices, including snack invoices must be cleared from last term. Arrears letters will be given to parents this week. Parents whose children attend for more than their funded 15 hours and still owe fees from last term will be unable to attend for any extra sessions until the balance has been cleared.

Late Pick ups

Shernhall Pre-School is a pack away setting and this means that everything is packed away each night so that other groups can use the hall. We have had an increasing number of parents who are regularly late to pick up their children at the end of the day. We understand that traffic is heavy in the borough and that public transport is not always reliable but please bear in mind that our staff still have to pack away and clean the hall from 3.30pm every day. If you are going to be late, please call to let us know. Parents who are persistently late will be charged £10 every day they are late.

Footwear and clothing

Open toe sandals or flip flops are not permitted at pre-school. They do not give children’s feet adequate protection in a classroom environment. Please can you also ensure that your children’s coats and cardigans have been their name inside.

Healthy packed lunches

Packed lunches should be healthy and should not contain any nuts or nut products; including peanut butter or nut cereal bars. You may want to include an ice pack to keep your child’s lunch cool as we do not have space to refrigerate the large amount of lunch boxes we receive each day. If you have not done so already please can you put your child’s name on their lunch box or bag.

Sun Protection

Hopefully the sun will shine this term and when it does we would like to make sure that the children are fully protected when using the outside space. We therefore ask that sunblock is applied before your child comes to pre-school and that they have a hat with their name inside.


The borough will notify parents of primary school places from Monday 18th of April. Once you have this information please can you let your child’s key person know which school they will be attending. We will then need your permission to send a copy of your child’s transition report to their new school. Teachers from our neighbouring schools usually arrange a visit to see your child here in pre-school to make the transition to school smooth for your child.

Car Park

As you know, we do not own the car park outside and have no control over who uses it. It is therefore very important that when you collect your child you hold their hand as you leave the building. The car park is always very busy, especially at pick up time and at the end of the school day.

Dates for your diary

Bank Holiday:  Monday 2nd May – Pre-School will be closed

Pre-School photos: Wednesday 25th May

Half Term: Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd of June

Safari Pete: Monday 20th June

Trip to Brook Farm: TBC

Transition Visits: TBC

Last day of summer term: Tuesday 19th July – Finish at 2pm

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